Building Trust in Client Relationships: Hanne Nuyts' Experience

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Hanne Nuyts
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Hanne Nuyts has been working in the fiduciary market for the past 8 years, more specifically in accountancy and auditing offices in the regions of Antwerpen, Limburg and Leuven.  

“As a recruiter, my starting point is finding the ideal job for the candidate. In the end, this only benefits the clients too! After all, I strive for a long-term solution and a satisfied employee stays on board longer."

Thanks to her extensive expertise, Hanne has managed to build a trusted and long-term relationship with her clients. Here are a few insights into why she thinks honesty and a personal service are key to her relationships: 



“It feels gratifying to have built such a good relationship with your customers. The basis of that relationship?  

Of course, on first contact, I always have to prove myself by the quality of my candidates and fulfil the promises I make (including a personal approach).  My clients know that I call them personally when I have an interesting candidate to suggest to them. Vacancy or not. 

In fact, I don't even take that into account anymore. In this sector, good candidates, who also live nearby the client, are almost always welcome. So as soon as I speak to someone I see fitting for a particular office, I call that office immediately. I usually call the business director on their mobile phone number, so we can be on the ball quickly.   

They also know that they are one of the few people I introduce the candidate in question to. Is there no interest? Then we look further in a targeted way. This is also an interesting way of working for the candidate, by the way.   

My clients also appreciate this approach. They often tell me so! They know that my email is not part of a mass email that is randomly sent to every office in the region. No, they are treated personally. Just like my candidates.



“Throughout these years, I have been proud to place a lot of candidates at different clients. So I have got to the stage where I know my clients on a personal level, it goes further than what they mention on their website or in their vacancies. 

I base my knowledge on effective experiences, and in most offices, I can supplement this with what previously recruited candidates tell me.

Of course, I don't have a crystal ball, there are always factors we can't predict or control. But I certainly act with the right intentions.” 


Looking to take your career to the next level and apply for an opportunity in fiduciary?

Hanne is looking for profiles interested in bookkeeping, accountancy or auditing. This includes file managers, accountants (certified or not), tax specialists, auditors, accounting and/or administrative profiles, etc. Always from entry-level to specialist level. 


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