Onboarding 3.0: the evolution of employee orientation and training

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Decoding onboarding

Onboarding is the process by which an employee is welcomed and integrated into the company. It refers to the actions taken by a company to integrate new arrivals.                                                                                                                  

Essentially, onboarding serves as the connection between recruitment and retention, offering a structured approach to adapt new employees to their roles, teams and organizational culture. 

Moreover, onboarding is not just about paperwork and formalities, it's about cultivating engagement, facilitating productivity and nurturing a sense of belonging from day one. By providing adequate support and guidance during this transitional period, companies can mitigate the risk of early turnovers and maximize the potential of their new hires.

The term ‘onboarding’ seems to imply a methodology, a process and a tool in addition to a "simple" integration. That's where the employee experience begins.          


Onboarding 3.0: practical takeaways

Regarding employee integration, Onboarding 3.0 leverages technological advancements to optimize processes. It simplifies administrative tasks like document completion and contract management using digital tools, such as electronic signatures.  By leveraging these technologies, Onboarding 3.0 optimizes the process for both HR departments and employees, delivering a more efficient and tailored experience.

At Evertys, we're already ahead of the curve! Our company embraced digital tools to sign certain documents. We also launched our internal communication tool, "E-flow". This app enables us to foster relationships with our community, and serves as a portal to access essential tools. When it comes to sharing news or updates with our consultants, they receive the information directly through the app.

Evertys interface

Is this the future of recruitment methods?

Yes! Experts widely believe that Onboarding 3.0 represents the future of employee integration. With advancements in technology and a growing emphasis on optimizing the employee experience, the adoption of digital solutions for onboarding is seen as a natural progression. 

By streamlining administrative tasks, enhancing communication, and personalising the onboarding process, Onboarding 3.0 is viewed as a strategic approach to improving employee engagement, retention, and overall organizational performance. As businesses continue to prioritise talent acquisition and development, the importance of effective onboarding methods like Onboarding 3.0 is expected to increase significantly in the future.



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