Driving Innovation in Human Resources: A Talk with Nicole Hensen from Sisu: Group.

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In honour of Women’s History Month, we are highlighting the women who are contributing to the success and the future of our industry. We talked with Nicole Hensen, People Operations Lead at Sisu: Group about her experience in Human Resources and the satisfaction that she gets from her role.

As People Operations Lead, Nicole’s responsibilities evolve around Payroll, Reward, HR Tooling and Reporting, and Social Law. Within Evertys, and several of the other five Sisu branches, her tasks encompass onboarding and offboarding employees and dealing with their payroll. 


Creating a Fair Environment 

Hard HR is about ensuring a smooth and standardised process for all activities related to Human Resources across the company. The aim is to create a fair environment that complies with social law and industry standards, and to set up HR policies and procedures that are coherent across the board.


Every day is Different

When you work in HR, every day is different 

You start your day thinking you will be working on a specific task, and you end up doing something completely different. One of the aspects I enjoy is the combination of these operational tasks and long-term projects. It breaks the routine!

I also get a lot of drive from the regular contacts with our consultants and HQ members. Different kinds of activities are organised outside of work, so I really appreciate all the fun that goes with being at Sisu!


Sisu HR team in Spain

The Sisu HR team paying a visit to our fellow Ariad branch in Madrid.


Overcoming Challenges

Social laws are constantly changing, so I try to take the time to read up on current updates, and I also follow different training sessions to be aware of the latest high-level information.

Our days are often busy with operational tasks, so I need to set aside specific timeslots with my team to focus on larger-scale projects, such as creating HR policies and company standards.


The Keys to being Successful in Human Resources

The sector is constantly evolving, so I think being flexible and adapting are among the most important skills to have. 

Next, I would say being organised, because we deal with multiple different tasks. You usually can’t predict urgencies, so it’s about being efficient and being able to prioritise your tasks and adapt your schedule. 

Finally, I value interpersonal skills since we are in contact with people from different levels of the company. I find it important to build trustful relationships with your colleagues!



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