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We talked with Kelly Bubbe, Claims Handler at AG about her first steps at Evertys. Discover her story in our recent conversation.


What are your responsibilities as Claims Handler? 

In a nutshell, I handle opened auto claims files, I make payments, and close files related to civil liability and RDR agreements. There are many documents to process.

I collaborate with garages, experts, and brokers, and I proceed based on the request. 


How did you come across Evertys? 

Bruno Francolini reached out to me because he had an opportunity in Legal protection, but I had limited knowledge in that area. He contacted me again for an assignment in RC/RDR. I had the interview at the client, and it all worked out for me! 


How did you become involved in the insurance sector? 

I actually entered this field by chance. I originally worked in sales, and my proactive and spontaneous attitude quickly allowed me to climb the ladder and take a managerial position. 

I enjoyed the administrative work related to it because I like to work independently, so I decided to change career paths to work in administration. I first started as a data encoder at DKV and then was called to work on unfamiliar tasks, which I learned on the spot. I felt like my job was worthy. 

That’s where my story in the insurance sector began, and I'm really grateful to have lived several work experiences in my career. 


Do you also enjoy the humane aspect of administration? 

Absolutely!  I am a 100% extrovert, so I also appreciate the human contact I have with the people involved in the case. Feeling useful and helping people is very important to me.


How did you experience this new challenge in your career? 

I am glad to have experienced challenging situations in the past because it has brought me to where I wanted to be. Generally, people find comfort in familiarity and tend to stay within their comfort zones, but I think it’s important to encourage and accept change to find your true path.  

Being a consultant allows me to experience different ways of working at several companies.  I also enjoy meeting multiple people and getting familiar with different programs.  


How has been your journey at Evertys so far?

It’s been great! Evertys gave me confidence in the consultancy sector. After I met the team, it was a natural choice for me. They share the same values as me and provide me with the necessary guidance.  

Knowing that your questions or concerns will be handled quickly really makes a difference. The team cares about your situation and is there to support you. 


Thank you Kelly for this insightful conversation!


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