Meet Sébastien François, Talent Acquisition

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Alyssa Lefever
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We talked with Sébastien François, Talent Acquisition consultant, about his experience and his first steps at Evertys. He particularly valued the guidance and follow-up of the team. 

Why did you make the leap and join Evertys?


I was already in contact with Evertys a while ago through Mickaël Goudmaeker. It was still Strand Associates, and I had a really good contact then (and still have). When the opportunity came to start with them, I didn't hesitate. Beside the efficiency and the follow-up, it's their human approach and behaviour that makes a difference and made me want to be a part of them. 


Christmas market - Evertys

The Evertys HQ team and a few consultants at a Christmas market, December 2023.



How did your first few days go?


My start at Evertys went very well. I was first in contact with Louise Hallet who presented me to the client for an interview. When I officially joined Evertys, Talent Manager Stéphanie Van Dyck came into the picture and became my point of contact for my questions or inquiries. 


I didn't have particular concerns and everything went smoothly and on schedule. For me, the Talent Manager is my support if I need anything and I report to her through the regular follow-ups. 



Did you have any expectations before your first day?


Not really, it's not my first rodeo, and I have already built experience in the field. However, a first day anywhere is always a bit stressful, but I knew that if I needed anything, I could count on my Talent Manager. 



Do you think that the role of Talent Manager is an added value for you?


Of course it is important. You Talent Manager is your person of contact for all questions, you know who to reach out to if you have a problem. It's someone who provides guidance, knows you in your current work situation, and can help you improve your future situation. 


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